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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yes, Virginia, Dressage Is for Every Horse

Going in to the 2011 Adequan/USDF National Symposium in Del Mar, CA, last weekend, the presenter with whom I was least familiar was Jeremy Steinberg, the US Equestrian Federation national dressage youth coach. By the event's conclusion, he'd quickly become one of my favorites.

Steinberg is down to earth, concise, articulate, and very funny. With this kind of approach to our sport, it should come as no surprise that he is also a strong advocate of all breeds in dressage--not just for the horses' sake, but also because learning to bring all types of horses up the levels helps to prepare a rider for that day when he or she may be handed the reins to a truly gifted mount.

Watch this short video clip I took of Steinberg coaching young rider Arianna Barzman-Grennan, of Mountain View, CA. She's riding an 8-year-old Quarter Horse, Red Alert, owned by Summer Hensley. This pretty much sums up Steinberg's approach and is the underpinning of the entire symposium.

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